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Are you ready to receive more love in your life...

without having to do a thing?

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For 11 incredible days,
I will be sending pure Divine Love Activations to anyone ready to open their hearts,
activate more love into their lives and clear away, with ease, all that no longer serves them.

At the core of who you really are, you are Divine Love. Over the years you have buried this Truth deep inside of your heart and it now has a rock solid wall all around it. You created this for protection because the world did not seem to support you for the amount of love you had to offer it.

Good news: Now is the time for you to bring the love
that you really are out into the world again.

Better news: I am going to help you do this and all you have to do is
sit back and receive these activations, you don’t have to do anything.

Benefits of Divine Love Activations...

You feel a deeper connection to life which leads to having more compassion for yourself and others

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An open heart that stays open and invites your chattering mind to come rest within its warm embrace

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Open to letting go of outdated patterns and ways you have been relating to others

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Letting go of your ‘to do’ lists and trusting your intuition to guide you in your day

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What others are saying about Kelly's Divine Love Activations
“After the first activation, I awoke pain free (normally I wake up with some achiness and fear about my day). During the day, I noticed how peaceful and calm I felt. As the activations continued, I started to feel a calm energy within me daily and it still seems to be building. Thank you!”

“I am feeling the love in my heart again in my dreams. It was the first time in a long time that I have felt this feeling. I awoke to my child standing over me caressing my hair and telling me she thought it was time for me to find a mate in my life again. What a gift!”

“Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been ‘feeling’ the love immensely. Any time I said: ‘more love, more light’ with my hand on my heart (and I said that a lot, while feeling good and feeling challenged, as to be aware of the love being present at all times) it felt like my heart was expanding, again and again. Feeling so grateful!”

“When I drop my attention into my heart this week, the depth and dimension of that presence has been stunning.  That enhanced presence translates into much greater awareness, even when old, stunted thought patterns show up… I watch them without judgment and move on.  Thank you.”

“Thank you for your offering love activations. I have noticed biggest shifts in my self care and interactions with my son.  I’ve had less guilt and anxiety over working less hours and more joy ease and appreciation for the time to care for myself and family.  It’s coming naturally to schedule yoga classes and appointments for massage, chiropractic etc.  I’ve also been more spontaneous and present in play time with my toddler.  We’ve been sharing more laughter, creative play . Big thanks”

“Many things are happening but the one I notice the most is my heightened awareness of Divine Love that is present in not only myself but also in others!  I feel this deeper connection not only with my family and friends but also with the strangers that I meet on the hiking trail as we meet eyes, smile and say hello!”


What is a Divine Love Activation {or a DLA}?

A Divine Love Activation is when I, Kelly(a High Intuitive, Mystic and Soul Whisperer), tune into the purest energy of the High Heart of the Universe called Divine Love.

As I am tuned into this energy, I remotely and energetically go into your heart center, activating the Divine Love that has always been there and amplify the greatness of who you really are. Everything I do is connecting to the purest ray of Divine Love and reminding your heart center that it can let go now of the walls around it that are keeping you from radiating this Divine Love that is within you out into the world.

I hold a high vibration and entrain your heart to this higher vibration with each Divine Love activation. Your natural state is to radiate your life from a place of Divine Love and Joy and these activations assist you in coming back to this natural state of Being.


For $11 you receive:
Daily Divine Love Activations for 11 days & daily emails every day

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